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At Cargile ranches, we are determined to stay at the leading edge of the cattle industry.  We operate a commercial cow herd on a variety of different range conditions in West Texas. Over the last century, we have evolved our herd from Longhorn and Hereford to Angus, Brangus, and Beefmaster. We now run a herd that carries strong Angus, Red Angus, and Hereford components while some of the cattle still have up to a 1/8 Brahman influence. We are currently using mostly Red Angus and Hereford Bulls as well as a few Santa Gertrudis bulls.

We do not let the ever-changing conditions of the country dictate to us the quality of the beef we are trying to raise for the consumer.  Our ranches are stocked from 40 acres per animal unit to around 100 acres per animal unit. Our cattle are bred to raise calves that meet or exceed the industry standard for marbling, tenderness, carcass weights, and feed efficiency.
As our cattle improve so does our strict criteria for keeping heifers. Currently, because of the red cattle tolerance to heat, we are keeping only red and red mottle faced heifers to eventually go into our cow herd.

One of the keys to producing beef that is in high demand is selecting bulls that complement our cow herd. We do not use one breeder or one breed to fill this need.

Our cattle fit a variety of niches in the industry from replacement quality females to cattle feeding grids and direct marketing beef brokers. We have sent cattle to some grass finishing operations with positive feedback. We welcome this interest to help add value for us as well as our customers who may be looking for a way to market their calves.           

We are an all-natural producer of top quality beef raised in the shortgrass country of West Texas. Our conditions may be dry and tough, but our beef is juicy and tender.